About Stellar Bay

Oysters have been cultured for more than a century, but Stellar Bay Shellfish Ltd. has refined the process to produce unique, world-class oysters. Stellar Bay Shellfish Ltd. oysters are regularly monitored for quality. They are graded according to size, down to the millimeter, using our state-of-the-art grading technology. Our unique growing process and quality assurance techniques result in consistent, high-quality shellfish. 

Of course,with shellfish, freshness is everything.

Located on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Stellar Bay Shellfish Ltd. is positioned to supply fresh oysters and clams worldwide. And since we are is situated near major shipping routes on the Pacific Ocean, our products are delivered from water to market in only 24-48 hours. With sweet, mild oysters, Stellar Bay Shellfish Ltd. is among Canada's top shellfish suppliers.

We also chose to situate our processing plant within 5km of the oyster farms, drastically reducing the time our shellfish spend in transit.  Stellar Bay oysters are shipped out only hours after leaving the water.                      

Stellar Bay Shellfish Ltd. has received the British Columbia Wine and Oyster Festival People's Choice Award for 6 consecutive years.

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