Stellar Bay Products
At Stellar Bay, we are proud to offer some of the finest shellfish available worldwide. 

Our oyster farms are located within 5km of our processing plant, drastically reducing the time our shellfish spend in transit. Situated near major shipping routes on the Pacific Ocean, Stellar Bay products are delivered from water to market in only 24-48 hours. 
The Kusshi
In Japanese, the word kusshi means "ultimate". And like its namesake, the Kusshi oyster is the ultimate in quality, taste, size, consistency, and appearance. 
Considered one of the finest oysters on the world market, the Kusshi is perfectly suited to upscale restaurants and oyster bars.  Exclusive to Stellar Bay Shellfish Ltd., the Kusshi oyster's sweet flavour and buttery texture appeals to both oyster enthusiasts and beginners alike.  Its clean, consistent shell and deep cup complements gourmet presentation.

Find out more about the Kusshi™ here
Stellar Bay Gold
Stellar Bay Golds are a larger version of our popular Kusshi oyster. Ranging in size from 2.5 to 3 inches in length.
Stellar Bay Clams
Our Manila clams from our inter-tidal lease located in Baynes Sound. This product is currently unavailable.
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